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Top 10 Favourite Binge-worthy Boxsets

Lets be real guys and gals – Over the last year and a half we have had way more time on our hands to sit in front of the TV and watch those boxsets. And despite restrictions lifting and everything getting back to normal, there is never a bad time to share a list of the binge-worthy series.


Starting strong, this Netflix original series definitely deserved all of the attention it got. Openly addressing issues of a sexual nature that have previously been taboo or embarrassing whilst following the funny and heart-warming story of Otis and Maeve’s friendship and budding romance is so cleverly achieved. I have waited such a long time for the next season to be released and as it is now on the horizon, this is the perfect time to binge this series.


This TV series was one of those that I didn’t understand the hype about. I didn’t get why it got so big so quickly and why every shop was jumping on selling their merchandise. But when my housemate began watching this in our shared lounge in my final year of university, I immediately understood and was quick to jump on the bandwagon; watching the whole of 2 ½ seasons in a week. Once I had caught up, we watched the last coupe episodes together and when I say we were screaming at the TV, we were screaming! We both cannot wait to watch the next season when Netflix finally brings it out (COVID Permitting).


I wont lie on this one, it was the gogglebox viewings that prompted me to watch the crown as I was so interested in the Princess Dianna episodes. So when I started from season 1 I had absolutely no idea what was going on. But let me tell you how impressed I was with this series. The casting, the wardrobe, the suspense – everything. As Netflix did disclaim this to be a drama and not true to life, I think it is suspiciously accurate to true life and through the seasons I learnt so much about true events that actually happened by watching this show. There is a reason this won so many awards – and it deserved every single one of them.


One word for this show. ICONIC.

Although slightly dated for 2021, I still quote this show on a daily basis and with a reboot rumoured I thought it a perfect addition to my list bingeworthy series. If youre into fashion and watching 4 girls chase around men they were way too good for whilst looking stunning and living a dream life in Manhattan – this show is for you.


Okay this very narrowly beat The Office US to my favourite top 10 binge-worthy shows and I would say it only slipped by because of the drama. The girls at the Oppenheim group are so dazzlingly beautiful and stylish there is no way they wouldn’t sell these super sexy multi-million dollar houses on the sunset strip! However, what sells the show, besides the beautiful realtors, and dream houses is the drama between the ‘Family’ and the Chinese whispers of gossip that gives the show a bite that no other has! If you think this show isn’t for you, you’re wrong! Even my 56 Year old dad enjoyed watching this series with me (despite pretending it was only for the houses).


Parks and Rec was recommended to me by multiple people after learning how much I loved The Office US however it took me almost 4 attempts to actually get into it. But oh boy, when I did, I just couldn’t stop!! It became the show I was staying up until 2-3 AM to watch and quickly bypassed the office as my favourite TV show. I was never not in the mood to watch it and as the characters grew older and developed with the story line, I loved them just as much as I did originally and was heartbreakingly sad to see them fade away towards the later seasons. This series I would now recommend to all of my friends to watch – and those that did only have good reviews too!


This show almost entirely took over my year 11 study leave (which is why I probably did not do so well in my GCSE exams!) The ladies of wisteria lane provided insight into the lives of the different housewives living on Wisteria Lane with shockingly unrealistic yet gripping plot lines. A must-see for anybody who loves drama and has 6 hours a\ day free to watch TV!!


It took me until Lockdown number 3, the ripe old age of 23 and a lot of persuasion from my friends to finally sit myself down and watch this show but I am so grateful that I did. Whilst I am still currently on Season 10 and require the extra motivation to carry on watching until the current episodes, the first 8 seasons had me sat on the edge of my seat (often stood in suspense) screaming crying or gasping at the plot lines to this show. Definitely one to start!


Derry Girls was a show I always saw advertised on channel 4 but didn’t have much interest until it was added to Netflix in 2019. But when I did finally start it, I binged watched a season a day and then googled when the next would be coming out. To my disappointment COVID has prolonged this release but nonetheless I will be watching as soon as the girls hit my screen again. There is such a wholesome element to this show that I find is missed with a lot of coming-of-age shows; bypassing boys and sex almost entirely whilst almost only focussing on the comedic failures of 4 girls attempting to grow up during the Northern Ireland troubles.


This formerly BBC America series introduced a lonely outlaw orphan that quickly discovers her multiple clones in this fictional thriller series. As a science nerd, I immediately fell in love with Sarah and all her sisters and thoroughly enjoyed watching them discover their true roots and creators.

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